Wall Clock Movements are easy to select if you know what to look for.

You need to choose a company that has been around a long time and make sure that they are easy to repair. If you look at all of the major clock manufacturers like Howard Miller Clocks, Sligh, Ridgeway and BifanoClockWorks they all use either Hermle, Kieninger or Urgos and all of them have been making them for a very long time. BUT EVEN BETTER Hermle and Kieninger have plants in America so we can use german quality movements made right here in the USA. Of the 3 company's Kieninger was bought by Howard Miller so for the home clock maker that leaves Hermle and Urgos. I would use Hermle because all the clock repair people I know say they are the easiest to repair. They also have more than twice the models available than Urgos.

    Here is a Hermle 241-840/75 cable driven vienna movement. This movement works great in Regulator style clocks. It has a gong chime.

    Pictured to the right is the Hermle 341-020/11 Westminster chime movement. This movement comes in 6 pendulum lengths for the same price. 11cm,25cm,31cm,35cm,38.5cm and 45cm. TIP: Also it is a good idea to buy the movement before you make the clock case and not the other way around on your first one. It is a lot easier to build around the movement than to have to find a movement that may not exist.

Do you have a a treasured keepsake that was passed down from someone you love and does not work anymore?. Trying to find a movement for a clock, that does not have a name on the clock or the movement, can be easy to do. Even clocks and movements that have names on them but are not available anymore can be repaired. Follow these simple steps on how to get the correct clock movements for your clock.

Now that you have learned a lot about this you may be asking "What do these movements cost?" Well here is a place that I use to buy all of my clock movements

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